Jamerican White and Overproof Rum are now available in the Distillery tasting room!

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In 2013, Zeb Williams, Co-Owner made his first of many visits to the beautiful island of Jamaica.  He fell in love with the island, the people, and the rum.  It became his dream to one day have his own Jamaican style rum.  With the help and encouragement of some wonderful people who he now calls friends, he is able to share his love with you.

So whats this the name?  Jamerican is a term given to Americans who frequently visit the island.  Once the people began calling Zeb a "Jamerican," he knew that was the perfect name for the rum!  We like to say that it is "American made, Jamaican Inspired."

Our Rum


Made from 100% fancy molasses and distilled in a traditional Caribbean style rum still, we bring you our version of Jamaican Rum.  We have spent several years of research, many trips to the island, meetings with Jamaican Distillers, and a lot of trial and error to develop our recipe and technique.  We hope that as you sip on this rum, you can imagine being on the island.  Yah Mon!

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The Old Nick Williams Co. was founded in 1768 and was known world wide for our whiskey.  Learn more about our history and our award winning spirits!

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The Old Nick Williams Co. Farm & Distillery

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